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How we're able to do what we do

Die Cutting

Ideal for high volume repeating applications Exemplary Foam has a full range of die cutting capabilities to include the precision kiss cutting of parts with pressure sensitive adhesive.


Dieless Cutting

Our Atom Flashcut CNC knife cutting system fabricates parts out the expense of dies or tools. It’s perfect for prototypes, small runs or where the material is adversely affected by water. It provides fast changeovers, and can cut materials up to 1 inch thick. .

Fast Wire Cutting

Our Fastwire cutters allow us to cut a complex profile in a wide variety of materials up to 60” long. Common applications are rack cladding or pipe insulation.


With multiple skivers, Exemplary Foam has the capability to skive materials ranging from low density polyethylene and expanded polypropylene 15 lb XLPE accurately and efficiently. Our skiving capability provides us the flexibility to respond customers, whatever the thickness or raw material is required.

Post Processing

This term captures an infinite array of processes once the basic shape is cut, including T-slotting, shaping, drilling and other things. With our vast experience of bonding foam, Exemplary is well suited to use the most cost effective method to bond your parts: glue, hot air, or psa. We also sell sheets of foam with adhesive as well as fabricated parts.


There are an amazing number of possibilities for CNC routing. A lot of parts or components that can be cut, shaped, and/or drilled can be CNC routed. CNC routing is similar to hand routing only incredibly accurate and much faster. Additionally this allows us to fabricate blocks of harder materials such as thicker HDPE as well as multiple depths in blocks of PE and XLPE with no tooling costs.

Controlled Environment Room

This room is designed specifically for medically aimed products where dust and particle reduction is essential. Employees working in this room are required to wear full medically certified protective clothing.

Polyuera Coating

Polyurea is a two part spray on coating system that provides a barrier of protection for the final product. It also increases the durability and longevity of foam parts.

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