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With unmatched water jet capabilities in North America that serves the packaging industry, we provide the optimal balance between cutting speed and part quality. Exemplary foam was established in 2005 and acquired by Teach Enterprises Holdings Corp in 2011. As a result of this acquisition, we expanded our capabilities to include a plant on the West Coast: Great Western Eagle Packaging.

But we didn’t stop there! In 2012, Incredicoat was opened to offer our customers vinyl and polyurea coating options. And in 2013, we expanded our reach further with Exemplary Foam South located in Cleveland, Tennessee.

While we continue to specialize in providing foam and plastic components to the packaging industry, we have expanded in to other markets that are a good fit for our unique capabilities. We welcome every opportunity to grow and remain confident that we can be responsive to customers as well as provide excellent service and a quality product.


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